Declutter Your Kitchen in 5 Simple Steps

Declutter Your Kitchen in 5 Simple Steps

A cluttered household is never a good idea, and in your kitchen, where cleanliness is even more important than in other parts of your home, making sure you don’t allow things to pile up is essential. If you need some advice on how to declutter your kitchen, you’ve come to the right place, particularly if your kitchen is on the smaller side.

Read on for 5 simple steps towards a cleaner, more organized kitchen…

1: Stop being a food hoarder!

When people think decluttering, they usually think about utensils and gadgets. But food that you don’t need can also contribute to a general state of chaos in your kitchen. Make sure you chuck out any food that’s expired or gone bad, and donate anything that’s still good but that you know you won’t get a chance to eat to charity.   

2: Be realistic – Only keep the stuff you need

Some of us may harbor dreams of being a master chef when, in reality, you’re only every going to make simple meals for yourself, your housemates, or your family. It’s time to face the reality that you may not need any utensils or appliances that you have only used a couple of times or haven’t used yet. If you aren’t into baking, it may be time to get rid of the cake and cupcake tins crowding your cupboards. You also may have to accept that you’re never going to fix the broken appliances in your kitchen and get rid of those too. 

3: Keep it practical

There are plenty of cute novelty items you could buy for your kitchen, but if space is an issue, you may need to avoid keeping anything bulky around that you don’t need. Another way to get practical when it comes to your kitchen is to only keep the pots and pans you need. A few medium-sized pots may serve your purposes just as well as a complete set, ranging from small to huge.

4:  Don’t let the tableware pile up

If you are a family of four, or someone who lives alone, you may not need pile upon pile of extra cutlery and crockery. Sure, you may have a dinner party at some point, but you can always borrow stuff or ask people to bring what you lack. If you have tableware that you keep for special occasions, you may want to find somewhere to store it other than your kitchen.

5: Buy smart so you can hang, stack, or hide

If your kitchen is a bit small, products that you can hang, or which can nest, stack, or be stored in innovative ways, can end up decluttering your kitchen and saving you a lot of space. At Two Pillars, all our products are designed to save space in the kitchen. UniLid, which turns almost anything into a storage device, is designed to nest and save you space and also has a silicone loop for hanging. ZipBag will help you make the inside of your fridge clutter-free. And Duo Cover is designed to hide inside your microwave when you don’t need it, collapsing and attaching to the microwave’s ceiling using magnets.


If you find yourself searching around endlessly for the things you need every time you cook; or find it impossible to keep your kitchen clean because of how much stuff there is in there, follow the tips in this blog post to enjoy a less cluttered kitchen. Follow this blog for more helpful information on all things kitchen related.

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