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Part 2: How to Organize Your Kitchen | Storage Solutions

Welcome back to our three-part series on how to organize your kitchen with eco-friendly products from Two Pillars! In the first part, we talked about decluttering your kitchen. Now that you've gotten rid of unnecessary items, it's time to organize what's left. And that's where storage solutions come in!

Let's start with the ZipBag®. This reusable silicone storage bag is a game changer when it comes to keeping your food fresh. It's perfect for storing snacks, fresh produce, leftovers, and even for cooking sous vide! The ZipBag® is dishwasher safe and BPA-free, making it a healthier and more sustainable alternative to traditional plastic bags. Plus, it's available in a bundle of different sizes to suit all your storage needs.

Next up is the UniLid®, a universal lid that fits all shapes and sizes of containers. It's perfect for when you need to cover a bowl or a pot, but don't want to use plastic wrap. The UniLid® is made from BPA-free silicone and features a food tracking system to help you keep track of what's inside. Plus, it's eco-friendly and can be used over and over again!

If you're looking for a more sustainable alternative to paper towels, the Swedish Dishcloth is a great option. This all-natural substitute is perfect for cleaning up spills and messes in the kitchen. It's made from a blend of cotton and cellulose and can replace up to 17 rolls of paper towels! Plus, it's compostable, so you can feel good about using it.

Last but not least, the Duo Cover® is a next-generation microwave gadget that will change the way you reheat leftovers. It features MoistureLock™ technology that increases moisture in your food, delivering leftovers that taste better than the first time! The Duo Cover® is also a great way to keep your microwave clean, as it acts as a splatter guard. And the best part? It's easy to stow away with microwave-safe magnets and it saves your fingers from those 'ouchie' moments when plates get hot!

In summary, Two Pillars has some amazing storage solutions that are not only eco-friendly but also functional and durable. The ZipBag®, UniLid®, Swedish Dishcloth, and Duo Cover® are all great options for organizing your kitchen and reducing waste. So go ahead and declutter, organize, and make your kitchen more sustainable with Two Pillars!

Stay tuned for Part 3, where we'll share time-saving tips for an eco-friendly kitchen.

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