Part 2 of 3: How to Store Your Produce | Long-Lasting Options

Welcome back to the second part of our three-part series on how to store your produce with eco-friendly kitchen brand Two Pillars. In the first part, we discussed some best practices for storing your fruits and vegetables. Now, we're going to talk about some long-lasting options to help extend the life of your produce and reduce waste.

One of the best ways to store your produce for the long term is to use reusable silicone bags, like the ZipBag®. These bags are perfect for keeping your favorite snacks crisp, storing fresh produce or leftovers, bringing food on the go or cooking sous vide. Not only are they reusable, but they're also dishwasher safe and BPA-free. So, you can use them over and over again without worrying about any harmful chemicals leaching into your food.

Another great option for long-term storage is the UniLid®. This universal lid fits all shapes and sizes and has food tracking features, so you always know what's inside. Plus, it's the perfect, eco-friendly replacement for plastic wrap, helping you reduce your plastic usage and waste.

Now that we've covered some long-lasting storage options, let's talk about creative uses for leftovers. We all know the feeling of opening the fridge and finding some forgotten leftovers. But with the Duo Cover®, you can transform those leftovers into a delicious meal. The Duo Cover uses MoistureLock™ technology to increase moisture in your food and deliver leftovers that taste even better than the first time. Plus, it's easy to stow away with microwave-safe magnets and saves your fingers from those 'ouchie' moments when plates get hot.

If you're looking for more creative ways to use your leftovers, consider meal prepping. With the ZipBag and UniLid, you can easily store your prepped meals for the week and reduce food waste. Plus, you'll save time during the week by having healthy meals ready to go.

We hope these long-lasting storage options and creative uses for leftovers have given you some ideas on how to reduce waste in your kitchen. And with Two Pillars' eco-friendly products like the Duo Cover, ZipBag, Swedish Dishcloth, and UniLid, you can make sustainable choices without sacrificing convenience. Stay tuned for the final part of our series, where we'll discuss even more creative uses for leftovers.

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