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Check Out This Incredible Microwave Hack!

No More Dried-Out Food Or Disappointing Leftovers. Just Moist, Tasty Meals Every Single Time!

“I can’t believe microwaved food is this fantastic! How is it even possible?"

Those were my exact words after eating one of the yummiest meals I’d ever tasted.

Cooked - unbelievably - in my microwave!

It was my first time using a brand-new microwave gadget recommended by friends who were absolutely RAVING about it!

And it’s safe to say I’ve NEVER eaten such flavorsome, moist, and perfectly heated food out of a microwave!

Here's what food fans are saying about the duo cover

No More “Meh” Microwave Meals

You see, I’ve always been a microwave skeptic. Why? Too many bad experiences with my microwave!

Dried-out, unappealing food? Check!

Meals that are red-hot on the outside but cold on the inside? Yup!

Food that explodes in the microwave and makes a horrible, sticky mess that’s impossible to clean? We’ve all been there.

But honestly, with this new gadget, all those issues are a thing of the past. My microwave meals - including reheated leftovers - are moist, evenly heated, and delicious. 

I really feel like I’ve finally unlocked my microwave’s potential.

Plus, there’s no mess at all - much more hygienic!

This smart new invention is also plastic-free, super-compact & easy to store. AND it saves you from burning your fingers when lifting hot food out of your microwave.

This incredible new gadget is called Duo Cover.

Thanks to its clever, innovative design, more than 20,000 lucky people worldwide are already enjoying fresher, tastier microwaved food.

Here’s How Duo Cover Levels Up Your Microwave

The first thing you’ll notice when you use Duo Cover is how deliciously fresh and tasty your food is - even leftovers!

That’s because Duo Cover uses patented MoistureLock™ technology alongside an airtight seal.

Combined, they stop moisture escaping and your food drying out. Instead, every mouthful is lip-smackingly moist and succulent. Even reheated leftovers have the taste and texture of freshly cooked food.

You can even use Duo Cover to steam fresh veggies, full recipes, leftovers, or whatever you like. Just add a little water to the basin, twist the knob, and you’re good to go!

Oh, and by the way, the MoistureLock™ also traps heat inside. That means your food cooks evenly every single time.

Second, Duo Cover completely protects your microwave from food spills, splatter, and explosions

In fact, you’re never going to suffer from yucky “microwave splatter” ever again.


Without Duo Cover

With Duo Cover

That means no more frantically scrubbing the inside of your microwave. And no more germs breeding in the corners you can’t quite reach!

As a bonus, the Duo Cover is fully dishwasher safe, so it’s a piece of cake to keep clean. 

You can also hand wash it if you prefer. It’s non-stick, so it wipes clean in a few seconds. Simple!

Third, Duo Cover is a cinch to store and takes up hardly any space

Why? Because it’s collapsible, so it flattens right down to a thin “plate”

Even better, it comes with its own microwave-safe magnets. You can attach it to the inside top of your microwave, safely stowed and ready for your next meal!

Duo Cover doesn’t only save space; it saves you from burning your fingers too. Ouch! 

That’s because you can use it to pick up your steaming hot food, protecting your skin from getting scorched. Phew! 

Fourth, Duo Cover is platinum silicone - with no plastic WHATSOEVER!

That’s excellent news for the planet. Silicone is safe, BPA-free, and lasts for 10+ years. It’s much greener than a plastic product that will most likely end up polluting the oceans.

And it’s even better news for your well-being. It means that no nasty chemicals or microplastics will contaminate your food and compromise your health like they do when you microwave plastic containers.

To summarize: Try Duo Cover now! You will NOT regret it.

I still cannot believe how fresh and flavorful my microwaved food tastes with Duo Cover. 

I’ve gone from being a microwave skeptic to a microwave believer. I now use my microwave for almost every meal!

Do you enjoy food and leftovers that are wonderfully moist, packed with flavor, and can be prepared without a mess? Then it’s a no-brainer. I strongly recommend you give Duo Cover a go!

UPDATE 1: Duo Cover is currently available on a buy-two, get-one free offer. 

BUT: I’m told that stocks are running low and that this deal won’t last much longer!

Enjoy Better Microwave Food Now!

To get started with Duo Cover, all you need to do is follow these three simple steps.

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✅ STEP 3: Start using your Duo Cover and experience fresher, more flavorful microwaved food.

Update 2: The Duo Cover team has now added ANOTHER discount on top of their 2-for-1 offer. 

You can now get up to 60% off your first purchase, with savings of $100+ on some bundles. 

This offer is due to end very soon, so grab it while you can!

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