Born in the USA

All our products are manufactured right here in the US of A. This helps keep the impact of shipping to a minimum, while keeping our fellow citizens employed.


Everything we make is 100% recyclable. Don’t let your old plastic products end up in a landfill. Send them to us and they will be reincarnated as something even more useful than they were the first time.

Lasts longer

One of the ways we help the environment is by producing products that are so durable you may never need to replace them.

Why we need to make better choices

The average U.S. family spends over $200 on plastic wrap and aluminum foil each year

That's alot of rubbish! It contributes to 36,720,000,000 square feet of unnecessary waste each year.

The waste would be about 30x the size of the entire city of San Franciscoif you laid it flat. It would be a bit like the city in Wall-E, but in real life.

Sorry, plastic. ZipBag is here.

Plastic bags and containers, file for unemployment benefits now! ZipBag® is a patent pending storage container you can use for just about anything, from keeping leftovers fresh to eating your lunch out of. It’s also a toxic-free replacement for the plastic you’d usually use, leaving your fridge so spacious, eco-friendly and organized that you may want to move in! 

Closing the loop

Recycling. We need to do it, but the way it’s done now is flawed. So, we created our own system. The material we use can be melted down and reformed again and again, so now our customers can send their old products back to us! One we collect enough we will turn them into something even better than before!